Whether your facility accommodates indoor or outdoor sports, youth or professional play, SnapSports has the athletic court for you. Update an existing surface or install a new one in less than two days and feel confident knowing your athletes will be playing on the best American-made athletic floor available.
Indoor BounceBack
BounceBack Maple ShockTower
Indoor ShockTower
Classic XL
Classic Maple XL
Revolution Maple TuffShield
Reactive International
A residential multi-court isn't just an investment in your home, it's an investment in your family. Our backyard game courts and home gyms allow you and your family to play all your favorite sports and are suitable for play at every level, so everyone in the house can get in the game!
indoor courts
indoor shocktower
revolution maple tuffshield
Introducing a whole new world of healthy family fun on the world's safest and most reliable surface, a SnapSports dynamic multi-sport floor.  Be the envy of the block and become more involved in your family’s life!
indoor bounceback
reactive international
Snapsorts Athletic Surfaces:There is no substitute.
bounceback maple shocktower
classic XL 18” x 18"
classic maple XL
Steel Blue
Bright Red
Texas Orange
Sky Blue
Indoor BounceBack integrates many of SnapSports patented features. It’s the most popular surface option in the industry.
outer court color
outer court
Dark Blue
inner court
Royal Blue
inner court color
2. 2 mm Cushion/Acoustic Mat
Indoor Bounceback
⬅︎  Roll Over Court Buttons To Apply Colors
1. Suspended Sports Surface
The patented ShockLock system lets individual modules slide, but keeps the entire sport surface fully interlocked. This built-in "give" eases player joint impact and creates a safer athletic surface.
Color Design
* Actual tile colors may vary from virtual image.
3. Concrete Subsurface
classic XL
Our Full Suspension System understructure performs as a high impact shock absorber that reduces fatigue and injury to athletes. Each square foot weighs in at over one pound, stands ¾" tall and contains nearly 1200 shock absorbing support towers.
5. Concrete/SubSurface
3. Suspended Sports Surface
2. Shock Response Layer
1. Maple Layer
4. 2mm Cushion/Acoustic Mat
Patended ReactivePlay® technology gives an additional “cush” to reduce impact on joints and limbs, letting you play longer today and for years to come.  BounceBack® ShockTower Sports Surfacing install easily.  Each panel weighs much less than standard rubber flooring.  Use it to upgrade your old gym in as little as one day.
The Patented “resilient shock” technology was designed with performance and safety in mind.  the built-in shock deflection offers exceptional impact control and provides excellent rolling load support
The attractive appearance of a real maple floor and the superior performance of  Indoor BounceBack ShockTower technology.  The ShockTower® understructure provides unsrupassed ball perfomance and play. Engineered to withstand competition at the hightest levels.  Contains sixteen individual contact points to ensure a consistent playing surface and excellent coefficient of friction to keep the surface in place.
Shocktower® provides unsurpassed ball perfomance and play. Engineered to withstand competition at the highest levels.
2. Suspended Sports Surface
1. Self Draining Design
With patented “resilient shock” technology there are sixteen individual contact points per tile ensuring a consistent playing surface along with an excellent coefficeint of friction to keep the surface in place.
This system was designed with performance and safety in mind.  It has patented "resilient shock" technology offering exceptional impact control and providing excellent rolling load support. 
2. 2mm Cushion/Acoustic Mat
The Classic XL tile surface is an economical flooring option with the versatily to accommodate multiple types of activities.  It is not affected by moisture or humidity and requires no adhesives or anchoring.
This athletic surface has an authentic maple look and is the ideal high performance indoor basketball surface.  The Maple XL is not affected by moisture or humidity.  Because of its versatility, it can be used for multiple types of activities.  This surface has vertical and lateral shock absorption for maximum performance and safety.  There are no adhesives or anchoring required for the installation of the Maple XL athletic surface.
2. Suspended Sports Surface
1. Optional Protective Coated Surface Layer
4. Concrete/SubSurface
3. 2mm Cushion/Acoustic Mat
This sports floor is equiped with high-performance modular sports surfacing technology and patented 100% in-mold technology for unmatched durability, quality and consistency. This easy to maintain surface has vertical and lateral shock absorption and requires no adhesives or anchoring.
A revolutionary new high-performance modular sports surfacing technology that delivers the look and feel of a suspended hardwood maple floor. The aesthetic appeal of real maple floor engineered with TuffShield technology.  Unlike any other modular surface in the industry, TuffShield is an exclusive, 100% in-mold, patented process that delivers a stunning court, with unmatched durability and low maintenance costs.
1. Protective Coated Surface Layer
Our reactive court tiles  are sized for metric measurements and include all patented performance features SnapSports offers.  Reactive sports floors stands 19mm tall; they offer a high level performance for multiple sports. Reactive sports floors meet all International sizing requirements.